Declarative-basic affirmations are the most commonly used affir­mations which most people refer to simply as “affirmations.” They are positive healing statements that declare healing in some form. Info on page 73.  

Visual Affirmations

Visual affirmations are affirmations in picture form instead of word form. Visual affirmations are used without any recitation of accompa­nying words. Info on page 74.  

Opening Affirmations

Opening affirmations are declarative-basic affirmations that open or start any of the affirmation healing programs. For a complete list of affirmation healing programs, see Appendix D, page 266. More info on Opening Affirmations is found on page 74.

Closing-Outcome-Healed Affirmations

Closing-outcome-healed affirmations (also known as Closure Affir­mations and Affirmations of Closure) declare that something is done or accomplished (closure), and/or describe an outcome of healing. They give a final, conclusive direction to healing energy. Info on page 75.  

Inclusive Affirmations

Inclusive affirmations are affirmations that target healing of the body as a whole rather than focusing on one specific part of the body or area of need such as high blood pressure or paralysis from a stroke. Info on page 76.

Exclusive Affirmations

Exclusive affirmations are affirmations that target one specific (exclusive) part of the body (such as the heart or stomach) or area of need (such as arthritis or blood pressure.) rather than targeting the body as a whole. Info on page 77.

Scheduled Affirmations

Scheduled affirmations are affirmations you say daily at scheduled times. Info on page 77.  

Unscheduled Affirmations

Unscheduled affirmations are affirmations said at random at any time of the day or night. Info on page 78.

Affirmation Types
(from page 72)

All affirmation types have great healing powers, but some affirmation types work better in some situations than others because of their unique properties and the way their energy is created and targeted at the body part that needs healing.

You may find it easier to use one type of affirmation over another, and if one type doesn’t give the desired results, you can always move on to another type which may work better in bringing about the desired healing.

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Appendix B
(from page 260)
Quick Reference Lists of Affirmation Types and Specialties
Types of Structural Affirmations

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